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The Malted Barley Appreciation Society (MBAS) is a New York City-based craft beer lovers club which meets every month in LIC, Queens. We are dedicated to the creation, promotion, and appreciation of good beer, both in the home and commercially. We also try not to take ourselves too seriously.

Although we started over two decades ago as a homebrewing club, the MBAS is now a group that simply embraces good beer of all kinds. Many of us don't brew at all, but enjoy learning about, tasting, and appreciating beer and how it is brewed. We also arrange occasional pub crawls and brewery visits.

The club meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 7.30pm. We currently meet at Fifth Hammer Brewing Company, 10-28 46th Avenue, Long Island City, (718) 663-2084, after 25 years of meeting at the now closed Mugs Ale House, Brooklyn. The meetings usually feature at least one guest speaker from the craft beer industry, who brings free samples of current brews to share.

Please note that instead of asking for yearly dues of $20 as we did previously, the membership system is being relaxed from January 2016 - we will be asking for $2 at each meeting attended, up to a maximum of $20 for the year. If there is no guest for any reason, there will be no charge that month. The $2 monthly charge goes towards occasional print runs of t-shirts for our guests, and replacement of club glasses when needed.

Check out our latest newsletter by clicking on the 'This Month's News' link on the home page.

We thank Pat Babcock and all the folks at Homebrew Digest, who for many years have graciously hosted these pages.



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