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Vol. 5 No. 7    Copyright 2007  Salty Dog Publishing, Inc.

Someday or Another, 2007

No Dollars, No Cents


This page is no longer being updated. For more recent comic strips, access my Flickr Pages.

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by Bill Coleman
white.gif (818 bytes)(Brooklyn, NY) - The Salty Dog began appearing in the Malted Barley Appreciation Society in 1996, the only regularly appearing comic strip on the subject of beer and homebrewing.
white.gif (818 bytes)The strip then began appearing in Ale Street News in late 1998, where it currently appears. It also made an appearing in Beer Philadelphia the same year.
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In a shocking turn of events in recent weeks, talking dogs were seen distributing comic strips about beer on public streets. The canines were sent to the pound for attempting to propagate beer-related humor to the general public.    (Photo �2000 by Bill Coleman)

On this page, we have collected various comic strips from the beginning of the strip until now, in web-friendly-form....

Annivesary Page
Anniversary (06/02)
Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Ale Street News, Salty has a blast from the past!
The Salty Dog in Beerland, Part #3
Judging Specialties
The Salty Dog is back judging homebrews... specialty beers, his favorite category!

The Salty Dog in Beerland, Part #3
The Salty Dog does his part during a national emergency.. (Despite illo, In Color!!)

The Salty Dog in Beerland, Part #3
Party Time
The Salty Dog celebrates local discoveries in a backyard party. (Despite illo, In Color!!)The Salty Dog in Beerland, Part #3
Waiting for the Barleywine
The Salty Dog will drink no Barleywine before its time. Or will he? (Despite illo, In Color!!)

The Salty Dog in Beerland, Part #3
Belgium #4
The final chapter of the globetrotting beer geeks. (Despite illo, In Color!!)

The Salty Dog in Beerland, Part #3
Belgium #3
Now our international adventurers arrive in the city of Brugges (Despite illo, In Color!!)

The Salty Dog in Beerland, Part 2
Belgium #2
The adventures in Belgium continue in the city of Antwerp.(Despite illo, In Color!!)

The Salty Dog In Beerland, Part 1
Belgium #1
Salty and a couple of other geeks in beer paradise.  (Despite illo, In Color!!)

They Shoot Clydesdales,Don't They?
Salty Dog 3000
A look in the beer geekism in the next millenium.  (Despite illo, In Color!!)They Shoot Clydesdales,Don't They?
What's So Funny?
Salty Dog and the annoying Squirrel argue about the nature of humor and the current beer scene, from the 7/99 issue. (Despite illo, In Color!!)


They Shoot Clydesdales,Don't They?
They Shoot Clydesdales, Don't They?

Adventures at the Vaudree, just outside of Liege in Belgium, from the 5/99 issue.Now in Full Color! 7/2003

A Labor Dispute
A Labor Dispute! (4/99)
Some reflexive humor with Salty and the writer negotiating comic strip appearences.

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Sounds Horsey to Me!
(3/99) New! 3/25/99
The true meaning of the phrase "horse blanket, from the 3/99 issue. 

Mad Dog!
Mad Dog!
(4/99) New! 4/6/99
A case of mistaken identity involving a foamy beer.

The Salty Show
The Salty Show
(11/98) New! 3/25/99
Deep ruminations on the meanings of reality and existence from the dog and the moose.

At Liberty
Adventures in the Beer Capitol of Philadelphia.

A Gift From Afar
A Gift from Afar
A rare draft beer from Belgium arrives in the US. What's the special ingredient?

Bad Taste?
Bad Taste?
Test you knowledge of beer off-flavors with this educational strip.

A Geek's Progress
A Geek's Progress
Find out what you learn when you become a beer judge.

A Stogie Story
Stogie Story
Another recent trend is surveyed in this educational survey..


The Weizenheimer Kids
The Weizenheimer Kids
A lesson in beer and comic strip history and unusual ingredients. Now in Color (7/2003)!

War Wounds
War Wounds
A story of a few injuries suffered in a good cause...

Planet Barley
Planet Barley
The ulimate beer bar? Let Salty see!

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Life of a Beer Judge
Check out a day in the life of a hard-working beer geek!.

Here's The Scoop
Here's the Scoop!
Salty attempts to go pro. Find out what happens in this strip..

Fizz City!
Fizzed Out!
(5/97) Now in Full Color! 4/5/99
A technicolor account of the closing of a NYC brewpub. (Only the preview is in B&W!)

All Good Things Must Come to an End.
All Good Things Come to an End
Another brewpub closing. This was not a good period for NYC brewpubs.

On the Air!
On the Air
The Salty Dog spreads the good word on beer over the airwaves to one or two listeners.

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Party Time! (1/97)
Yuletide celebrations and financial negotations.Not based on any real events.

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Tryin' to Get Home (4/96)
You think you've had some tough brewdays? This really happened to me!