Malted Barley Appreciation Society

Malted Barley Appreciation Society
Long Island City Brewery Crawl, August 28, 2016

Updated: August 11, 2016 1:07 PM

The Malted Barley Appreciation Society is taking advantage of the hotbed of brewing activity that is Long Island City Queens to do a Brewery-centered pub crawl. As August is winding its way down, cool off with some local brews.

12:00 Noon Transmitter Brewery
1:15 pm: Alewife or Re Pub LIC* (for lunch). Optional brief stop at Beer Closet also.
2:45 pm: Rockaway Brewery
4:15 pm: Big Alice Brewery**
5:50 pm: LIC Beer Project
Options for Greenpoint places or other local bars afterwards for the hardy...

*Open Door has been renamed.

**There is a Q103 bus scheduled about 1740 from
Vernon Boulevard adjacent to Big Alice which goes almost door-to-door to LIC Beer Project (get off at 21st Street and 41st Avenue). Otherwise it's about a 20 minute walk.

There is a map of the locations here.


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