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Best of Brooklyn
Judge Form

There will be one round of judging, complimentary lunch and a second round if required. Best of Show round will be judged immediately thereafter.

Judge Requirements

AHA/BJCP experience points will be awarded on an as available basis. Judges and stewards should make advance registration with Kevin Winn. Preference will be given to judges who make early reservations.

The deadline for registration is February 15, 2005.

Judges may bring their own entries to competition, as long as they register by that date only if they do not live near a drop-off point. As the date of the competition approaches, preference will be given to more experienced judges. Judges and stewards must report no later than 9:15 a.m. to guarantee their spot. A judge registration/waiver must be signed or points will not be submitted.

To assist us in planning and to insure your judging / stewarding points get properly recorded, please complete all the following information, and hit the "Submit" button.


BJCP Judge Level:

Number of Judging Points:

Number of Batches Brewed in Past 12 Months:

Are you entering beers in this competition?

Do you usually brew:


Address 2:

City: State: Zip:



Being aware that I cannot judge a category in which I am entered, I would prefer to judge the following categories:

I would prefer not to judge the following categories:

Do you wish to:

My participation in this competition is entirely voluntary. I know that participation in this competition involves the consumption of an alcoholic beverage and that this may affect my perception and reactions. I accept responsibility for my conduct, behavior and actions, and absolve the Malted Barley Appreciation Society, The Brooklyn Brewery, the BJCP, and any other organizations, businesses, or persons involved with this competition for responsibility for my conduct, behavior and actions.